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Looking ahead of time

The Roadmap will be constantly updated as the project progresses. We will not disclose the entirety of our plans to prevent front running, thus protecting the community.
Avalanche is the first chain to be implemented in our ecosystem. It is a very complex and rich chain, where you can develop subnets and play with three different chain layers, and in our opinion, it will thrive and have a big role in the future, beyond providing revenue for our people.
With that being said, we wanted to offer people the most flexible and low-level entry to validate and take this opportunity to get rewarded by the network. We want to bridge this opportunity over different chains and ecosystems to maximize opportunities for every player.
Our first objective is to roll out all the planned features as soon as possible, which include:
  • Deployment of our first validator
  • Secondary marketplaces
  • $AVAX liquid staking
  • Avalanche marketplace
  • Redeeming
  • DeFi opportunities: Lending, …
  • ???
  • ???
  • Partnerships across the whole chain
  • V2, new look and mechanics improvement
  • …and more
Constellation is the second chain we are looking at to expand in the near future. It is in a very early stage and not many people are talking about it, but the potential is absolutely unmatched. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to own a part of the network as collateral, as it is quite high. Based on the development timeline and team, we plan to roll out fractionalization, if possible, even before Avalanche receives all features.
  • Deployment of QD on constellation
  • …and more
Fantom is on our watchlist.
  • Deployment of QD on fantom
  • …and more
Ethereum is also on our watchlist.
  • Deployment of QD on Ethereum
  • …and more
Main services will be added to get along with fractionalization of validators and miners. Avalanche could be the playground to test new technology as soon as we have them ready. New technology currently includes:
  • Institutional and web2 level staking
  • Decentralized validator creation
  • veDelegation wars
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  • Joe ???
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  • …and more