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QuarryDraw business model

QuarryDraw general B2P and B2B business model.
Crypto projects are businesses at their core, and people are both users and investors. The only healthy relationship that should occur between businesses and both users and investors is a clear and sincere one, in which every money flow (coins and tokens) is described in detail. As many of you know, whether you like it or not, this is not the standard currently being adopted in this space. In this section and throughout our whitepaper, we plan to act as the industry's "black sheep" by explaining everything you need to know as clearly and in as much detail as possible.

Visual business model

Every network we work with has its own features and will be treated as a standalone environment. As a general representation, our business model will be as follows:
QuarryDraw general business model
People will have the possibility to join us as investors and help fund the blockchain infrastructure, thus generating rewards for their work, or to join us as users to actually use our services and infrastructure, while rewarding investors and not a centralized authority. The input and fee will vary. For energy-expensive equipment, investors will be asked to contribute partially to its maintenance. For less expensive equipment, investors will not be required to help maintain it, but we will ask for an input to ensure that the ownership is being handled by an active user. For the expensive equipment, the fee will act as an input. Note that as our business grow the fees, if there are any, will constantly be reduced. This will help us reward active users and discourage loss or forgetfulness of funds.
QuarryDraw will provide fractionalization of ownership over the hardware, technical knowledge, space, and energy to fulfill our role. Ownership will be in the form of tokens depending on the type of chain we are working on, but you will always be able to trade your tokens on both marketplaces and AMMs, and in most cases you will be able to redeem them if you do not wish to hold them and cash out your investment.

Business profits

A percentage of profit from validators will be used for the following:
  • Maintenance of the team and infrastructure: a business without a team and its tech will not thrive.
  • Marketing: marketing will be used to help spread the word about our work. A good project will make its voice heard in the market without any extraordinary effort, but we will not exclude the possibility of using marketing to help its growth.
  • Incentives: it is possible that even a fraction of the business and/or its own service may not be appealing to some people. That is why we may run a campaign to incentivize people to join by increasing rewards or lowering the cost of entry even further. Any campaign will only be undertaken if conditions allow it.
  • Reward ownership: we will aim to reward ownership as much as possible. As fractions of validators will be at a capped number, increasing scarcity by burning shares will increase the value of your ownership and, therefore, increase your rewards. QuarryDraw also aims to provide businesses with services such as technical help, access to blockchain technology such as blockchain data and computing power, blockchain creation (subnets, etc.), and more.

Business model, markets and aim

As we develop, we want to enter the global market and provide a service with two different approaches: one is a custodial approach and the other is a decentralized approach. These approaches will be directed towards two different types of clients: institutions and retail. All these entities will have two different ways by which they can interact with our business: a web3 and a web2 way. As we think that web2 will continue to play a big role for a long time, we can't let such a large market share slip away from us.
All the markets we want to join will provide revenues for QuarryDraw, and most of these revenues will be used and distributed to incentivize and increase rewards for people who will join our first approach to be rolled out. We have provided more value to them for their trust and help to bootstrap the project.
The first approach to be developed and rolled out will be the custodial to person web3 model.


The business will not promise anything it cannot deliver, from the ROI to the infrastructure.
We offer our service with the intention of delivering profits from your work without needing to take an active daily role in the process. You will own a part of the network while receiving rewards for your work, which will be handled by us.
No one will benefit from a Ponzi-type business in the long run, and certainly not investors. Our aim is to attract people who understand the underlying process with true and fact-backed promises that will be fulfilled and not exaggerated.