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Are we really different?

Pointing out our market advantage and uniqueness
The great question that everyone should ask themselves when studying a project is:
What is the market fit for this project?
Our answer is that everywhere you go, there are yields that you won't even be able to read, and that's a perfect marketing image for the product that will help it grow much faster than competitors. However, it will miss out on a lot of long-term opportunities as their future will be uncertain.
Our idea was born during the node season, when everyone was trying to promise extraordinary high returns at, as they said, a very low risk. We all know how that ended. We kept wondering why nobody would be brave enough to choose a different path and embrace a good return at, as facts show, a very low risk. We know where that will end too.
And we thought, what's the bet you can take with the lowest risk and the highest returns? The answer is simple, you need to bet on the entirety of an ecosystem. The blockchain is a boat, a big boat that can hold a lot of stores. Every store needs to fight with each other to win, and if someone does win in the end, the loser will probably have to close. But underneath, there is the entire boat, which will continue to prosper as long as people are willing to jump on, regardless of anyone's victories.
Unfortunately, running this boat has such a high cost that it is not affordable, so very few people will actually play an active role in building it. The majority will be satisfied with a regular raft disguised as a big boat, offered by the same people who don't want you to take part in their big ship opportunities.
Our market fit stands right here, offering a path to the big boat and its engines so that you can bet on every business that we will carry along. Unfortunately, running this boat has such a high cost and requires high technical skills that it is simply not affordable for most people. With our offering, you can participate alongside the few people who have the possibility to "run" the boat. You don't need to choose the winner and can just relax with us.